Saint John, New Brunswick

2016, Moveable Walls, Five Part Ending
2015, Gwion Gwion, Me, Myself and One Other
2014, Flying, Bollywoodish II, A Sentimental Traveler
2013, Unfolding, In the Realm of Good
2012, Shades of Pastel, Bollywoodish, Great Day, Dolls
2011, Mr. Tom, In the Key of A
2010, One Woman, One Potato, D’Andy
2009. Gnossiennes, Places Unknown
2008, Urban Tracks, New Beginnings, Step, Turn, Run…, Ask Alice
2007, Stages, Dress Up…Dress Down
2006, Waltz For Three
2005, Bach Allegro
2004, Ballerina and Clown, Urban Rush
2003, Rendez Vous, Eights
2002. Untitled
2001, H20
2000, The Coat